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Custom Build

Step into our office conference room and start brainstorming ideas with our team of designers and watch your dream become a reality.  In a proven, speedy, and economical process we can help you design your build, price it, and build it in a manner you will be proud of for generations to come.


Step 1

Bring your plan to us, or let us help you design it with our team of designers, architects, and engineers.  We love throwing in our design ideas to help you create something really useful, economical, and desirable for you and your family.

Step 2

Once plans have been created, we spend time detailing the exact specifications that will go into the build.  Planning the allowances, the materials used, the efficiencies, and every detail allows us to be able to price your project with no surprises later that will rattle the checkbook.

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Step 3

Once Final plans and Specs are created we then can go to permitting.  Your custom real estate project will then begin going vertical, and you can follow along with pictures, progress, and more on our customized app.  Even communicate your changes, issues, or suggestions throughout the process.

Step 4

Watching your dream turn into a finished project is both exciting and extremely rewarding.  Walk through the final masterpiece with your builders and create any final punch lists or tweaks.  Enjoy your warranty and lack of stress, and breathe in the investment you created with Clifton Homes.


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