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Single Family

Clifton Homes has built single family "build to rent" all the way to custom homes for more than 25 years.  Design or collaborate on your project or see what we have available to invest in today.



From our smaller single family projects that we can build ground up in less than 6 months to our million dollar plus homes that we can provide the intricate touches you want and even help you design.

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 12.47.55 AM.png


Clifton Homes builds 100's of single family homes each year for specific clients all the way up to REITs, Funds, Syndicates, and Private Equity groups buying entire subdivisions at a time.



Many of our single family homes we build are designed specifically for investors to purchase and rent out for years to come with nearly no maintenance.  Long warranties, resilient and high quality materials, at economic prices produce great returns, and long lasting appreciation of assets.


Invest Smartly

See available single family products now, or discuss a custom home with our team today.

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