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Residential and Mixed Use Development

For 25 plus years Clifton Homes has been developing raw ground for single and multi-family projects as well as mixed use residential and commercial. 

Ground Up Development

Here are just a few of the projects either going vertical now or getting ready to move dirt on infrastructure.  Some of these projects are available now for your investment.

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Lee's Summit MO

Blue Valley Townhomes

14 upscale and modern 4-plex buildings are in preliminary development now.  Proforma projects over an 8 cap with an investment around $14.5m estimated for the entire project.  Est Completion March 2024

Oak Grove, MO

Rustic Heights

176 Units of 4 and 8 plex buildings, Subdivision Pool and Clubhouse, and a contiguous subdivision for sale to one lucky buyer.  Get in with $8mm off with a builder special today.  

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Suburban Kansas City MO

Single Family New Construction Rentals

We have more than 140 single family build-to-rent homes for sale now around the Kansas City Metro region.  90 in one subdivision, 25 in another, and some spread out in various areas.  Pricing between $270k-$345k

Piper Schools - Wyandotte

Piper Townhomes

35 Townhome buildings (4-plex) available in a booming area of Kansas City by the Nascar track and new development and jobs everywhere.  Rolling subdivision, with great views and high rents.


Process Development

Some of our Developments are sold to one entity, like a Hedge Fund, Syndicate, or Larger investor.  Others are available to buy one unit or more and are split up between investors.  

Contact us to see what is the right fit for your budget, and specifics on what is available now.  If we don't have it listed here, we likely have a fit on our board, so contact us today.

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Raytown MO

Utopia Gardens

6 Townhomes (4-plex) buildings on one street in Raytown.  This project which will be completed Fall of 2023 is available now.  Good cap rates, price $4.74m / 24 units

South KC

2 New Duplex's

These 4 units - 2 duplex's can be sold as a package or individually. 1 year warranty, plus extended on almost everything in the buildings.  Price per building $499,900

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Lee's Summit

Westvale Duplex's

These 5 duplex's are for sale as a package.  All on one parcel and this project is moving now.  Estimated completion November 2023.  Price $2.75m

Contact Us

Find out which project is available or what others we have that might fit your investment today.

Text or call  (816) 852-0052

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